Hands down one of the ten best props I saw at Transworld Halloween 2022 was the Cymbal Monkey Animatronic from Fright Props. He’s just so darn eerie. Typically I subscribe to the thinking of bigger is better when it comes to Halloween animatronics. Well, usually that is the case. But when it comes to the Cymbal Monkey prop, he’s just so unassuming and creepy that he is a “must-have” for Halloween animatronics enthusiasts.

Just in case you aren’t quite familiar with the Cymbal Monkey animatronic, I have embedded the video into the post so you can check him out!

The Cymbal Monkey prop starts at $1,214.99. You can add more effects and different skull types to him. However, that will increase the price and push you into the $2,000 range.

While $2,000 seems like a lot of money for the Cymbal Monkey prop, you really have to appreciate the attention to detail and the craftmanship of the animated monkey. You can tell by the scars on his chest and the stitches on his face that this monkey is bad news! He’s been in a few scrapes and managed to come out on top each time. The hypnotic eyes are also a really nice touch and the cold clang of the tin cymbals is quite ominous. I can picture the Cymbal Monkey being in a dark room with a spotlight on him sitting on a crate. By doing so little, he really does a lot. I love the creep-factor with his prop and I think there are a lot of things you could do with him in your haunt.

For more info on the Cymbal Monkey or other Fright Prop creations, please check out their website.

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