If there is one thing I love it’s oversized Halloween props. Coming in at just over 7’5 is Morris Costume’s latest creation, the Hulking Werewolf. Man, oh man. Where do I even start. Maybe I should start by showing you the video just in case you haven’t seen the oversized werewolf that is a sure-fire hit for Halloween 2022. Please check out the video below.

What’s the old saying, “My, what big teeth you have?” You know the Hulking Werewolf means business and is looking to chomp down on the guests to your Halloween party this year by the size of his massive chompers.

When activated the Hulking Werewolf begins to move his arms up and down as his head turns from side to side. His eyes light up and turn an eerie shade of light blue as he begins to move his mouth and growl at each and every person that passes by. The animatronic werewolf gets bonus points for having a mouth that opens and shuts as it growls.

But for all the wonderful things I loved about the Hulking Werewolf, I have to warn you about the massive price tag. This prop will run for over $400 at retail. Each store or online shop is different so you will have to watch out for the best deal. If Spirit Halloween does manage to carry him, which is always a possibility, you will have to watch out for online discount codes to save a little money.

Halloween will be here before you know it. Just remember, if you see the Hulking Werewolf out in the wild and you really want him, get him! The best props always sell out before October and I hate getting emails from people who are so bummed about missing out on a prop they really wanted but waited too late on.

Please keep checking back! More awesome Halloween animatronics are on the way.