Lowes continues to impress with the 2021 Halloween collection. While they aren’t quite on par with Home Depot or Spirit Halloween, they have stepped up their game, especially when it comes to smaller props. I think they have conceded that they can’t top the other guys but they can get in the game with smaller props.

One of the ones I noticed today that really jumped out at me was the LED Dissolving Monster. If you haven’t seen him, please check out the video below.

At $34.98 the Dissolving Monster isn’t that expensive. He’s actually not bad for a smaller prop and I think I am seriously going to consider adding him to my collection. You don’t have to have 50 large props in your home haunt. You can get by with just a few animatronics as long as you create the scene properly and sprinkle in some nice smaller props like the LED Dissolving Monster along the way.

Keep checking back! Lots of cool Halloween stuff is on the way!