What do you get the person who has everything for President’s Day? Why, I’d bet they’d love the new Two Scoops animated Halloween prop from Spirit Halloween. That’s right our favorite Halloween prop store is now dropping new animatronics in February! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for St. Patrick’s Day next month!

The new Two Scoops prop is pretty darn creepy and features a set of siamese clown twins that are holding a little girl in an oversized ice cream cone.

According to Spirit Halloween:

I scream you scream we all are screaming . . . and running for our lives. Two Scoops wasn’t always a two-headed monster. Jim and Tim were a lovable twin clown duo perfect for birthday parties and balloon animals, but something happened at the local ice cream social. Tim and Jim didn’t know that the last batch of the mint chip wasn’t supposed to be radioactive green – and now they are forced to perform their duo act FOREVER!

When activated Two Scoops’s LED eyes light up then begin moving from left to right. Their arms also move as they say the following phrases.

Clown A Gimme that!
Clown B: Let go!
Clown A: It’s mine!
Clown B: Get your own! (Girl screams)”

Clown A: (girl screams) What’s wrong little girl? Don’t you like ice cream?
Clown B: Everybody likes ice cream.
Clown A&B: (Evil Laugh)”

Clown A: This one’s mine! You can have the next one!
Clown B: Forget it! I’m not falling for that again!
Clown A: Fine. We’ll share. (Girl scream)
Clown A&B: (Laugh)”

At $219.99 Two Scoops is priced in-line with other large Halloween props. In fact, when I first saw this prop I thought it was going to be in the $249 to $299 range. As always you can get 20% off if you know where to find the Spirit Halloween discount codes. However, you will have to pay an oversized shipping fee that is standard with large props nowadays.

I really like Two Scoops. I want to see him up close before I make a decision on whether or not I should bring him home! Keep checking back. More new stuff is coming soon!