Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Poison Props shakes it all up and rolls out another great off the wall Halloween prop! Sure, we’ve seen zombies, witches, clowns and a lot of other beloved Halloween characters but what about a half-man half-spider mutant Halloween animatronic? That’s just what Poison Props did for one of their latest creations just in time for Halloween 2022!

If you aren’t familiar with the new Spider Man prop (not to be confused with the iconic Marvel character) please check out the video below.

The four armed mutant arachnid stands still with his face covered until you get close then he springs to life and begins waving all four of his arms around as he violently tries to eat your face! Talk about creepy…

Like most other high quality animatronics from Poison Props, the Spider Man pneumatic prop isn’t cheap. In fact, if you’d like to add him to your haunt, the Spider Man will run you a cool $2,499. Poison Props is known for their quality and some of the best haunted houses in America use their props in their haunts.

I really like the creativity here. Poison Props always thinks outside of the box and they are definitely coloring outside the lines with the Spider Man prop. Like mentioned earlier, I saw a ton of other Halloween props in St. Louis. A lot of them were done very well but after a while, if you’ve seen one eerie-looking clown, you’ve seen them all. The Spider Man prop is something different and I have to give the guys at Poison Props a pat on the back.

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