We are inching ever so slightly to Halloween 2022 and Spirit Halloween has some new props coming our way! Typically the large Halloween retailer rolls them out in early July on their social media accounts.

While nothing has been released officially, we have learned that there are several new props coming down the pipe in the next few days. Here’s what we know so far. Monty, a large animated monkey prop will be a new addition to the 2022 lineup. He is around six feet tall and has cymbals that crash together when he is activated.

Lucky Bottoms is a smaller jump scare animated prop that features a clown 2 1/2 foot tall clown torso and head that jumps out at you.

Lord Raven is a also a new prop with a lot of potential. He’s similar to the old grim reaper props but features the old-timey plague mask and has red light up eyes.

All of these will be announced in the next week or two. Of all three props, I like Monty the best. I’m looking forward to seeing him up close and personal. He could be a hit this year!

Spirit Halloween has a lot more cool stuff that will be revealed in the coming days. Please check back often to keep up with the latest news!