We are getting close to Halloween! Over the weekend Spirit Halloween opened their flagship store in Egg Harbor Township to thousands of anxious and crazed Halloween fans including myself). Of all the cool animatronics I saw on the trip, one of the most polarizing props was Mr. Punchy, a new clown for Halloween 2022. The reaction to Mr. Punchy was all over the board. Some loved him, while others hated him. If you haven’t yet seen what Mr. Punchy is all about, please check out the video below!

When activated by a step pad or his sensor, Mr. Punchy comes to life and says the following four phrases:

“I’m a clown…. just spinning around. You’re a fool who’s going down, to HELL! Ha ha ha ha!”

“I have a secret…. hmmm mm mmm mmm… Come closer and I’ll tell you…. Closer…. Closer… Bwah ha ha haha ha ha ha ha!”

“Round and round and round I go. Where I stop…. soon you’ll know! Ha ha ha ha!”

“Come closer…I have something to tell you. It’s so funny, I promise you’ll… DIE LAUGHING! Ah ha ha ha ha.”

Standing at 6’4 Mr. Punchy is deceptively tall from how he looks online. His pink hair is over the top but it also makes him stand out right away. So, I mentioned earlier that the reaction was split. I can see both sides. I think Spirit Halloween took a step outside of the box and I applaud them for doing something different. Is Mr. Punchy perfect? No. But is Mr. Punchy fun and does he command your attention? Yes, definitely! While I haven’t quite made up my mind about whether or not I will add him to my collection, I’m at least thinking about it. He’s definitely different but he also commands your attention but could fit right in with an ensemble of other clown animatronics.

At $279.99 Mr. Punchy won’t break the bank but he’s in the range of where I thought he would be. If you decide that you want to add Mr. Punchy to your collection be sure to pull the trigger early. The best props are always gone by late September. Don’t be that guy!

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