Dr. Payne the Fire Eater is a captivating and eerie Halloween animatronic designed to create a spine-chilling atmosphere at any Halloween party or haunted house. Standing at an impressive height, this figure is meticulously crafted with lifelike details and dynamic movements that bring a sense of terrifying realism to your festive decorations.

If you haven’t seen him, check out the video below.

Dr. Payne is depicted as a sinister circus performer, clad in tattered, Victorian-era circus attire. His outfit features a worn, striped tailcoat, a scorched top hat, and faded trousers, all of which add to his unsettling appearance. His face is pale and gaunt, with hollow eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go, and a menacing grin that reveals his malevolent intentions. In one hand, he holds a blazing torch, while his other hand is positioned as if he’s about to take a fiery bite.

Dr. Payne’s animatronic mechanism allows for fluid, lifelike movements. He raises his torch and lowers it to his mouth, simulating the act of fire-eating, while his head and upper body move in sync, adding to the realism. The animatronic comes with built-in sound effects, including crackling fire, sinister laughter, and eerie circus music, creating an immersive auditory experience. The torch Dr. Payne holds features LED lights that mimic the flickering of real flames, adding a visual element that enhances the overall effect. Motion sensors activate the animatronic when someone approaches, surprising unsuspecting guests and heightening the scare factor.

At $325, Dr. Payne won’t come cheap but he is an oversized prop. He will be avaiable in late August. Keep checking back. Lots of cool stuff is on the way!