Transworld Halloween 2024 is here and we are getting a good look at some of the new offering from the top Halloween prop manufacturers in the country. One that has the entire showroom buzzing is Distortion Unlimited’s new prop, Dr. Quantum. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Quantum, please check out the video below.

So, Dr. Quantum is a really unique prop that runs on AI and uses the internet to connect to his brain. He really is a revoltuionary and groundbreaking animated prop. What makes him so interesting is that he will actually interact with people. There is a camera in his brain that can identify when people are in front of him. Once they are detected, Dr. Qunatum begins to interact with them and insult them. There is some banter but the pretentious doctor usually ends up insulting whoever is there.

Dr. Quantum is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, but that makes him great. He is pretty pricey. However, Distortions Unlimited has a reputation for a being a leader in the industry and they have a track record of making some of the best props year after year. At $9,800, you likely won’t be able to afford him if you have a home haunt. But, I imagine you will find him at larger haunted attractions all over the country.

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