Darling Dolly is straight up nightmare fuel. This twisted creation is one of Spirit Halloween’s main offerings this year. If you haven’t seen Darling Dolly, please check out the video below.

This new prop is very imposing. She is seven feet tall and is coming to take your soul!

According to Spirit Halloween:

In the early 1930s, little Sally Smith found a Darling Dolly buried in the backyard of her family’s new home. The Smiths hesitated to keep the doll, but it was too late. Sally had already become infatuated. Weird things started happening around the house. Mrs. Smith blamed Darling Dolly. One night, in a panic during a terrible thunderstorm, Mrs. Smith buried Darling Dolly in the same spot little Sally had unearthed her. But when lightning struck Mrs. Smith’s steel shovel, Dolly’s grave lit up with an eerie blue glow. The doll and Mrs. Smith were forever changed into something far more sinister. Sally swore it was a nightmare, but her father knew his wife was gone forever and Darling Dolly would be back to claim her next victims.

With her lurching forward motions and creepy blue LED eyes that flash red Darling Dolly is sure to make a great addition to any Halloween display. Add her to any scene and she’ll always make a perfect reminder never to play with any creepy dolls.

At $279.99 Darling Dolly is reasonably priced for a very large prop. I think Spirit Halloween hit a home run with this one!

Keep checking back, there is a lot more cool stuff on the way!