Home Depot has become a great place to by Halloween animatronics. A few years ago they stuck their toe in the water and began selling some cheap Home Accents animatronics. But now, they have gone all in and have some of the best selection online. One of their offerings for 2022 that jumped out at me was the Animated Goblin. If you haven’t seen him, please check out the video below.

I like the Goblin prop. We have seen dozens of witches, werewolves, clowns and zombies in the past few years, but as far as I know, Home Depot is the first place to offer a goblin prop. So I guess they get some bonus points for creativity.

At $149.99 the Animated Goblin won’t break the bank and is something that is pretty much kid friendly. Kid friendly props seem hard to come by nowadays so this animatronic really sticks out. He stands just over four feet tall and is about as tall as you would think a goblin should be!

Please check back, as more cool stuff will be dropping soon!