If you are in the market for a jumbo-sized, seven foot tall pumpkin prowler Halloween animatronic, Spirit Halloween is your hookup this fall. Today, the Halloween megastore unveiled one of their latest props, Possessed Pumpkin. If you haven’t seen him yet, please watch the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Over 100 years ago, the legend tells us a loving mother made her son a homemade Halloween costume so he could finally go trick or treating. The other children teased him, making fun of the costume and calling him horrible names. As a final torment they locked him away in the barn on an abandoned pumpkin farm. Little did they know, the barn was haunted by the spirits of the family who starved to death there during the Great Winter. Now, the barn is the final resting place for the poor boy’s body but his soul rages on dedicated to torturing neighborhood kids every Halloween.

The Possessed Pumpkin is ready to go on display this Halloween and get revenge on those who abandoned him so many years ago. Standing at seven feet tall, with his evil light-up eyes and lanky frame watch as he turns from left to right taunting anyone who crosses his path. Stand too close and you may end up as part of his next blood harvest!

When activated Possessed Pumpkin says the following phrases:

“Tonight’s the night for fright! (growls and laughs)”

“You little monsters have been carving up my friends for years! Now it’s my turn to make a Jack-O-Lantern…. from your HEAD!”

“Hmmmm, I need a skeleton or two for my haunted house. Yours looks just about right! (Laughs)”

“Oh…. you’ll make excellent fertilizer for next year’s crop! (Laughs)”

At $349.99 Possessed Pumpkin is about where you would think he’d be as far as price. He’s big and bad but worth the price, especially if you like seven foot tall pumpkin props.