Party City has kicked off their 2023 in Rockaway, New Jersey and I think I may have found my favorite new prop for 2023. Surprisingly, it was one of the smallest props in the store. Behold, the Bloody Ghost Trick or Treater, from Party City.

The Trick or Treater was definitely a hit at the Halloween Kickoff event in Rockaway, New Jersey. I saw numerous people walk over him not knowing what exactly to think of the small, creepy Halloween prop. But it’s like my mom always said, “Dynamite comes in small packages” and the Trick or Treater definitely has the ability to scare your friends and family this October.

I’m not sure why the Trick or Treater stuck out to me. I’m usually drawn to large Halloween props, but this guy is small, creepy and demands your attention. Also, at $100, the Trick or Treater isn’t going to break the bank. Like I always say, if you see something you like, get it quick. The best props always sell out before October and you don’t want to be left looking on Ebay where you have to pay a huge markup. Pull the trigger early!

Please keep checking back. There’s more cool stuff coming your way!