Can you feel it? Halloween is getting closer and closer. Spirit Halloween is beginning to open their stores and as always, we are getting some fun new clown props. One of my favorites this year is Poor George. If you haven’t seen this clown that has been sawed in half, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

George was a good clown. He made the kids laugh, the parents smile and kept the circus happy. Then a strange thing happened on Halloween. George was performing for tips in the street while the circus was on winter break when an out-of-control cable car careened around the corner and sliced him in half. Amazingly George’s body survived the accident, but his mind became tormented. Instead of jokes and gags, he now stares down passersby laughing maniacally – but they better not stay too long because poor George will ensure they don’t get very far.

After his terrible accident Poor George gained a few more tricks up his sleeve. Put him on display and watch as he terrifies guests with his maniacal laugh and flipping torso that rotates at the shoulders. With Poor George on display you’ll have the perfect animatronic to enhance your twisted circus Halloween scene.

Poor George is a lot of fun despite his gruesome injury. When activated he begins spinning around and around while creepy music is played. Naturally, the clown has to laugh.

For only $179.99 Poor George is reasonably priced. It’s almost like you are paying half price for a prop because you are getting half of a prop. I love clowns so I’m all about Poor George this year!

Keep checking back. There is more cool stuff on the way!