Lowes is turning the creepy up to 11 this year with their 2023 Halloween offerings. We’ve seen zombies, clowns and other creepy props, but one of my favorite things I’ve seen so far is the new 12 foot tall animatronic haggard looking scarecrow. Yup, you heard me correctly. Lowes has a 12 foot tall scarecrow this year! It seems that ever since that 12 foot tall skeleton appeared a few years ago, everyone else is trying to do something similar without ripping off the skeleton.

In case you didn’t notice, the gargantuan skeleton is wielding a pretty gnarly scythe and he could take your head off if he really wanted to.

When activated the oversized skeleton’s mouth begins to move as he talks and his eyes begin to glow bright red. I’m really excited to see this guy up close in stores this fall. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a big hit this year.

But I’ve got to want you, as typical with oversized props, the price is fairly large too. At $398 the 12 foot tall scarecrow will not come cheap!

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