Who doesn’t love evil clowns for Halloween? Spirit Halloween heard you and has decided to unleash a new clown animatronic on us for 2022! Lucky Bottoms is a great looking prop. If you haven’t seen him, please check out the video below.

According to Spirit Halloween:

Lucky truly believed that laughter was the best medicine and would do anything to keep the crowd rolling down the aisles. Unfortunately, Lucky couldn’t handle the silence when the fans headed home, and the theaters went dark. It drove him into all-night clubs where desperate clowns risk everything, including their lives, for a laugh. It only took one nearsighted magician with lousy eyesight to make his legs disappear for good – and Lucky to lose his mind…

Feeling lucky? You will be once you put the terrifying Lucky Bottoms animatronic in your home! While on display, Lucky is sure to intimidate guests with his evil laughter and wicked circular motions. Sitting at 2.6 feet tall, watch as they shriek in fear at the unexpected sight of the legless clown Lucky and see how he revels in the joy of it all.

When activated Lucky Bottoms starts flailing back and forth as he laughs uncontrollably!

Lucky Bottom isn’t a very big prop at 2’6. But he’s just creepy enough that he could really scare someone as an accent to a larger clown animatronic in the backyard.

At $169.99 Lucky Bottoms is not going to break the bank and is a pretty decent value considering how hot clowns are in October. Don’t forget, if you want to add Lucky Bottoms to your collection, please pull the trigger early. All the best props are usually gone by late September!

Keep checking back to the site for more. There are more cool props on the way!