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New For 2020: Demon Rising From Distortions Unlimited

You’ve got to hand it to Distortions Unlimited. While most other prop companies are still trying to figure out what they are doing for 2020 Distortions Unlimited is rolling out new props before New Year’s Eve! Last week we saw their latest prop-a take on Nosferatu that is pretty darn cool. This weekend…

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Home Accents Angel of Death Review

Last year I was walking through Home Depot a few days after Halloween and I stumbled across some picked over Halloween props. Everything was marked down 75% so I loaded up on a few lower tier animated props that I vowed to do something with this year. One of the most interesting one…

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Spirit Halloween Introduces The Forest Demon Animatronic For Halloween 2017

My God, Spirit Halloween has done it again. If you weren’t impressed with all the stuff that already introduced in July the Forest Demon Animated Prop will make you perk up and pay attention. After they rolled out the Jack Skellington prop earlier this week I thought Spirit was done introducing their new…

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