My God, Spirit Halloween has done it again. If you weren’t impressed with all the stuff that already introduced in July the Forest Demon Animated Prop will make you perk up and pay attention. After they rolled out the Jack Skellington prop earlier this week I thought Spirit was done introducing their new props for 2017. I was wrong and I thrilled I was. Spirit dropped the prop earlier today on their Twitter account.

Check this bad boy out.

The Forest Demon has four sayings to terrorize yourfriends this year on Halloween.

“I came here for the souls of children, but I’ll gladly take yours, too! Hahahaha!”

“Your great great great grandfather almost killed me once…tonight, I take my revenge on you!”

“So am I as scary in person as I am in your nightmares? Do you dare sleep knowing I am near? Hahahaha!”

“The souls of the innocent are hard to come by. But the souls of the broken, like you, are everywhere. Hahahaha!”

The newest animatronic from Spirit stands just over 6′ and weighs almost 16 pounds. The prop is sensor activated and is also step pad compatible.

I have to be honest. The Forest Demon is probably the coolest prop I’ve seen this year. Well, it might be a tie with the 7′ Evil Clown. Either way it’s one of the best new props this year and one I definitely am considering as an addition to my collection. I do want to see him up close to get a feel for what he looks like up close. My first impression was that he looked very realistic and that’s one of the most important things I look for when considering a new prop. If you have some woods behind your house the Forest Demon would be a great fit if you had guests at your Halloween party who walked through them.

My only concern for the Demon is the cost. At $249.99 on their site he will be one of the more expensive props at Spirit Halloween this year. I’m not saying that the cost it too high it’s just enough to make me think twice before dropping that much on a new Halloween prop. You can usually get 20% off coupons at to bring the cost down to around $200 but you still have to cover shipping as well. Since the Forest Demon is an oversize item it will cost you $5 plus and addition $20 to ship. If you can get a coupon and take it to one of their big box locations you can save on shipping.

Another option would be to wait until Nov 1 to see if you can find a store that has slashed prices. The problem with that strategy is that the best props are usually picked over. And since the Forest Demon is one of the coolest ones this year I bet he is one of the first things to go.

The Forest Demon is available now for order but won’t ship until August 4. That’s pretty standard for all new props featured on