If you are a “Knucklehead” and love Halloween props Home Depot has just thing for you. This year Home Depot literally rolled out the Motorcycle Riding Reaper for Halloween 2017. It’s basically a skeleton in motorcycle garb sitting on a bike. It might sound silly but you need to see him for yourself.

The Reaper is now available on Amazon.com too.

Here’s a video of the Riding Reaper in action.

The Motorcycle Riding Reaper has some sayings as he pops wheelies and peels out on his way to the afterlife. His mouth moves as he says the following:

“There ain’t no faster way to get to the afterlife than riding with me on the back on my motorcycle. Anybody need a lift?”

“You may have been born to be wild but I die to be wild and did.”

“Anybody want to trade their soul for a ride on my bike? I’ve learned that sooner or later everybody rides with the reaper.”

“It’s lonely out on the road but not as lonely as where I’m taking you. Say goodbye and hop on the back. It’s time to go! Ha ha ha!”

In addition to talking the Reaper’s motorcycle makes a lot of noises like the engine revving and peeling out which is pretty neat for a Halloween prop. The Reaper has some cool patches on his leather jacket that say “Outlaw Racing”, “Died to be Wild”, “Ride or Die, Die or Ride”, “Nomad” and a few others.

I’m not really sure what to think about the Motorcycle Riding Reaper. I’m not really a motorcycle guy but I understand he will appeal to a lot of people who are and love Harley Davison motorcycles. It’s a neat concept that hasn’t been done with a Halloween prop. I think this could be one of the hottest things Home Depot has this year due to the fact that it’s geared to a small amount of people who are passionate about motorcylces. They’ll see it and buy it as soon as they see it.

The prop is also very kid-friendly. It’s not super scary and is actually something I could see kids come up to if you had him up when the trick or treaters are out roaming the streets on Halloween. You could hook a fog machine up to him and make the motorcycle look like it has exhaust coming out of it.

For me, I think I’ll pass on it unless I can find him discounted after Halloween. I’ve got several reapers already in my collection so I don’t think another one makes sense right now. I do think I could put a mask on him and make him a lot cooler once I hid his skull and made him into something a lot creepier. I think if you could somehow make him into a zombie Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy that would be really neat.

The prop is $199.00 in stores and HomeDepot.com It’s 5.5 feet long and stands almost 4 feet tall. Dropping two hundred bucks on a prop is a big decision but you could wait a little closer to Halloween when Home Depot drops the price 20 or 30%. You can get deeper discounts after the holiday as well.