This prop is from 2014 or 2015 but it’s been our family’s favorite since we got it two years ago. The werewolf is 72 inches tall but I think it is actually a little over 6 foot despite what the box says. I put it out last year for my Halloween party but I used a purple light to accent the piece so it really stands out. Note that I said purple light, not black light. I don’t think a black light would work well with this prop.

A strobe light might have worked and is an idea I’m kicking around for this year.

The best part of the animatronic is the growl and the way he lunges forward. He does howl at the moon upon withdrawing back to his original state but the video cut out a few seconds early. If you look closely at his teeth and hands he is dripping with blood. This does give the effect that he has bitten someone recently and adds to the scare factor just a little.

My only complaint about the werewolf prop is that he may need more clothing. If it’s not very dark you can see the wires and frame where his midriff should be. You can fix that with another shirt or jacket but you may need to tear them to make it look like he transformed from a man into a werewolf during the full moon. I am 50/50 on whether I like the fact that his eyes light up but at night, especially with the purple light I set up the eyes really pop. Usually I hate when a prop’s eyes light up red. The werewolf’s eyes are yellow and really pop at night.

You can find the werewolf on, or other top Halloween stores online. has it for $130 and it’s a pretty good value at that price point.

I highly recommend the prop.