PoisonProps has been busy the past few months. They’ve really been churning out new props for 2018 here lately and this weekend they quietly rolled out the Clown Cirus Wheel animated prop. Clowns are still red hot after “It” dominated the box office last September. Like 2017 I believe we will see a lot of clown animatronics in 2018.

Check out the video of the Clown Circus Wheel in action.

As you can see the clown is strapped to a giant Circus wheel and it looks like his hands are secured to the giant bullseye. Just when you think it’s safe he shoots out 3 feet with his arms extended while his head moves up down left to right. It’s pretty terrifying. The clown appears to be at least six feet tall and is dressed in a black outfit with multi-color polka dots.

Poison Props can make the scissor throw can longer or shorter if needed for your attraction. They can make the scissor from two to five feet long. The prop runs off a sensor and is activated when someone triggers it at your haunt and/or attraction.

Like most other props from Poison Props the Clown Circus Wheel won’t come cheap. It starts at $2,700.00 and runs up to $2,899.00. If you want audio to go with the prop it will cost an additional $199. Shipping will also run $340.

The Clown Circus Wheel isn’t like the typical Halloween prop you see at Spirit Halloween in October. It is a pneumatic prop and runs on compressed air. Poison Props makes high quality props that are used all over the country in haunted houses every fall. Props like these are an investment and aren’t necessarily something you will see at your typical Halloween party. Poison Props have been featured on TV shows like Ellen and are some of the best I’ve seen.

Halloween is just a few months away. Will you be ready?