When it comes to Halloween, zombies have been red hot for several years. And from what I saw this year at Transworld in St. Louis the living dead are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With so many zombie props on the market how do you capitalize on the popularity of the genre without getting lost in the shuffle? A lot of companies have tried to figure it out but The Scare Factory is re-writing the zombie playbook. They took scary and made it very fun with their new Zombie Brain Smash Carnival Game.

Check out the video from Transworld last weekend.

How cool is that? I remember going to the fair as a kid and playing the frog launcher game. For a dollar or two I could try to launch some frogs onto a wooden lily pad so I could attempt to win a prize. Now you can do the same thing except the frog is now a brain and the lily pad is a zombie. And yes, it is harder than it looks in the video. Trying to put a brain in a zombie’s skull with a mallet and a catapult is a skill that not many are born with.

The challenge is to get the brain inside the skull cavity of the zombie’s head. The animated zombies in the attraction are very well done and were made to simulate a zombie that is chained to a wall that can’t get away. According to The Scare Factory’s website each zombie features two separate motorized movement systems allowing the entire character’s lower torso to move as the upperbody goes in the opposite direction.

This attraction will be a big hit at haunted houses this year. If you are a haunted house owner the Zombie Brain Smash Carnival Game will bring in extra revenue as well providing a lot of enjoyment to their customers. Once those customers start telling their friends about how fun it was trying to get a brain inside a zombie’s skull word will spread and more people will show up the following weekend.

You will have to check with The Scare Factory’s site to see about pricing as they run different specials in the Spring. For the remainder of March you can get the entire attraction with for only $6,855.25. That includes 3 Zombies, 3 Launchers, 3 Buckets of Brains, 1 Counter and 1 Background. You can also buy each individual piece a la cart as listed below so you can make the attraction for one, two or three zombies.

$2,195- Multi-motion Electrical Zombie Chained to wall with open Cranium Cavity
$165.00- “Frog Launcher” type Catapult Mechanism
$145.00- Bio Hazard Pail with (5) Silicone Brains
$300.00- 10′ Game Counter
$250.00- 10′ Decorative Back Wall

For more info on The Scare Factory check out their website, Facebook page or Instagram account.