Bigger is always better right? Of course it is when it comes to Halloween props! In recent years we have seen have seen an influx of seven foot tall props from Spirit Halloween and other manufacturers like Morbid Enterprises and Morris Costumes. This year Scare Factory is taking things to a different level with the thirteen foot tall posable skeleton. Its important to note that the prop is not an animatronic. The prop is static but it is posable and really, really tall. Here is a picture of the skeleton in the shop next to a man just to give you an idea on how big it really is.

The posable skeleton will run you almost two grand if you decide to add him to your collection. The prop is a bit pricey but it is not necessarily for home haunters. In fact, Scare Factory typically makes their props for high end haunted houses and attractions all over the country. For more info about the skeleton or other props please check out the Scare Factory website.

Halloween is getting closer. Its only a matter of time before Spirit Haloween rolls out their 2019 lineup. Keep checking back. There is some really cool stuff about to drop for Halloween 2019!