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Uh, oh… Bloodthirsty Betty is on the prowl. Spirit Halloween has unleashed one of their creepiest props yet for 2019. At first glance it looks like a harmless little girl until she snaps her head back and reveals to you her evil intentions. You’d probably better run!

When activated Bloodthirsty Betty shakes intensely, begins to growl, and then her head pops up backwards, showing off her glowing red eyes. The great thing about the prop is that it can be displayed on the ground or mounted to a the wall to freak out your friends and family this fall.

Bloodthirsty Betty is not a big prop but not every Halloween animatronic needs to be seven feet tall. At $159.99 I believe that she is reasonably priced. However, you have to keep in mind that Betty is considered an oversized prop and will run you a little extra for shipping. This is pretty much standard.

The pros are the shock factor of the snap back head. That is pretty creepy. I also like the fact that she is kneeling and in a weird position that people will be intrigued by. Most props are standing straight up so seeing Betty on her knees makes her unique. The only major con I see with Bloodthirsty Betty is the fact that she has red eyes. It might be just me but that is a pet peeve of mine. I’ve never been a fan of Halloween props that have red glowing eyes. I’m sure there is a wire you can clip inside her head, but that’s really up to whoever buys the prop.

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Halloween is getting closer and closer. I hear even more things are coming soon so you will want to check back often.

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