HauntCon is just around the corner and all the Halloween prop manufatorers are starting to slowly leak their new props on their social media platforms. The latest 2019 prop that has been brought to our attention is the Ceiling Dweller Clown from Poison Props.

The Ceiling Dweller Clown is a pneumatic prop that you will likely be seeing somewhere creepy this fall. The creepy clown hangs from the ceiling and shakes and convulses and he tries to bite your face off.

The prop retails at $425 (shipping not included) and comes with the clown prop, pneumatics, programmed controller and motion sensor. You can add on an audio package if you want to spend a little extra. $425 might seem like a lot for a Halloween prop but you won’t be seeing the Ceiling Dweller Clown in Spirit Halloween in September. He will likely be featured in some of the top of the line haunted houses instead. The Ceiling Dweller Clown might cost a little more but he’s going to be a lot tighter quality than something you see at Halloween Express.

With It 2 coming out in time for Halloween you know that clown props are going to be red hot again this year. The Ceiling Dweller Clown looks somewhat like Pennywise, especially in a dark room with a flashing stone light.

With HauntCon coming up in late January we will likely be seeing even more props rolling out in the coming weeks. Check back for more updates.