We are kind of in a lull between Transworld and the summertime when Spirit Halloween rolls out their props for Halloween 2019. However, I did stumble across a new prop that I cant find much information on. The animatronic is called “Clown on Stilts”. Here is a video of the prop.

I am not really sure why the prop is called “Clown on Stilts” because, as you can see, there are not any stilts on the prop. The clown is tall but if he was on stilts surely the manufacturer would make the stilts a little more visible. Anyway, its not that big of a deal.

I am a sucker for clown animatronics and if you saw my basement you would understand. There is something about sticking all my clown props into a clown tent with some creepy lighting and some creepy carnival music that freaks out all my friends and family every year.

The price point on the “Clown on Stilts” animatronic is not yet know. However, if I had to guess I would say the prop will cost at least $199.99 depending on where you get him. I am not sure where the clown will be available for purchase but I will be on the lookout and will keep everyone updated when I find out.

Halloween is right around the corner. It is never too early to start picking out which props you want to decorate with.