HauntCon is in the past and we are on to Transworld this weekend in St. Louis. One prop we haven’t put up yet is one of the creepiest yet! Check out the Cracking Crypt Prop that is new for 2019 from Distortions Unlimited. Here is a video of the prop in action.

Cracking Crypt Prop is a pretty cool prop. What’s scarier than a zombie crawling out of the ground? A zombie ripping a tombstone into two pieces is the correct answer! This would look great in the backyard surrounded by some foam tombstones. As your friends and family walk by the unsuspecting graveyard all of a sudden the Cracking Crypt Prop springs into action freaking everyone out.

The Cracking Crypt Prop is $389 plus shipping. That is a little more than most props you get at Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween but the craftmanship on Distortions Unlimited props is second to none. You pay for what you get when it comes to Halloween props. A prop that sells for $149 might be fun for a year or two but they typically start to fall apart after a while. Go ahead and start saving your pennies because the Cracking Crypt Prop will pay for itself after a few years.

Halloween will be here before you know it! Get ready. It’s coming! Keep checking back. I’m expecting a lot more to drop this week from Transworld 2019