Distortions Unlimited is known for their high quality Halloween props and is typically considered one of the premier high end prop makers. For 2019 they rolled out their latest creations at HauntCon in New Orleans earlier this year. One of the props that had a lot of people talking was Dolly. Check out the video below.

Dolly is a really cool prop. She doesn’t do a lot but, then again, a creepy doll doesn’t really have to. Dolly turns her head and giggles when activated. She reminds me of something from Goosebumps. Dolly also slightly resembles Annabelle from the Conjuring films.

In the right setting she can be downright terrifying. I’d position Dolly in a dark room in a corner with just the right amount of light so your friends and family can see her. Then when her head starts to move, things get creepy pretty fast!

Dolly is a fun prop and best of all, she is reasonably priced. Typically Distortions Unlimited props can retail for two or three grand a piece plus shipping costs. At $389 Dolly is slightly more than something you would find at Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express. It’s still fairly expensive for the average home haunter but for the quality and reputation of Distortions Unlimited, Dolly is a pretty good deal.