Distortions Unlimited always has some of the best and most innovative Halloween props each year. This year is no different as they unveiled their line of animatronics for 2020 at HauntCon in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend. One of the things that jumped out at me was the new Kiddyland line Distortions is putting out this year. They have produced several monster children static props called Creepy Kids and with the Maypole prop they have incorporated two of the child zombies into it. Watch Kimmie and Kenny as they swing around, having a really good time in the video below.

The maypole is an electric animatronic prop that is high quality and durable. Distortions makes high quality props that will last a long time and the maypole prop appears to be no different. The maypole is seven feet tall and has a wingspan of approximately eight feet when it up and running (or swinging).

The prop retails for $698 on Distortion Unlimited website. That may sound like a lot, but as we stated earlier Distortions has a great reputation in the industry and you know the prop will last for a long time and be enjoyed by lots of people.

Please keep checking back. We have a lot more new things to throw at you. HauntCon may be over but Halloween 2020 is just getting started.