Spirit Halloween must be working overtime trying to get out all the new props before their stores open in a few weeks. It seems like every week they roll out a few new items on their website that are new for Halloween 2017. This weekend the Janglin’ Bones Trio appeared on SpiritHalloween.com for the first time. The new prop features three skeletons playing the accordion, clarinet and violin.

Check the Janglin’ Bones Trio out for yourself.

While I’m glad to see Spirit Halloween continue to roll out new merchandise for 2017 I have to say I am completely underwhelmed by the Skeleton Trio. I think the prop looks a little silly and is something you’d see at the county fair in one of those cheesy rides that advertises lots of scary things but is really just a quick trip through a trailer where nothing really scares you.

The Trio stand almost four feet tall and weight 18.75 pounds. They are a little over three feet long when assembled.

If you are a fan of the Janglin’ Bones Trio I imagine they will be around long after Halloween is over and you will be able to pick them up half price on November 1. At $299.99 Spirit Halloween has overpriced this prop and I don’t see anyone clamoring to bring it home when they see it online or in their stores. If you buy it online the Trio qualify as an oversized item and will cost you and additional $20 to ship in addition to standard shipping costs.

Spirit Halloween has had a lot of great props this year like the 7′ Evil Clown and the Forest Demon. For $300 bucks I could get one of them and still have money left over to get another cool prop like Lil’ Zappy. The Janglin’ Bones Trio however, doesn’t do it for me and isn’t something I’d even entertain at half price. But ultimately the choice is yours. If you think a skeleton band will be a great addition to your haunt, then by all means, pick it up and bring it home.