Spirit Halloween keeps rolling out more and more new animated props for Halloween 2017. Last month they introduced the 7′ Evil Clown and the Forest Demon among other top notch Halloween props, now they have unveiled the Swinging Sally Animatronic. This antique doll that swings back and forth will freak out just about anyone who isn’t fond of older dolls from years ago.

The Swinging Sally animatronic weighs just over 10 pounds and stands right at 5 feet tall. It’s basically a doll in a swing and you will have to put it together. Like most Spirit Halloween props some assemble required. However, most props they sell are very easy to put together and don’t require a degree in engineering from MIT. She is set off by a built in sensor and is step pad compatible like most Halloween props.

Sally comes with several sayings to creep out the guests at your Halloween party this year.

“Hello there. (Giggle) Sally was mean to me. Once. Now, she’ll never be mean again. (giggle) I was just thinking how funny you would look without eyes, too. (giggle) I see you,”

“Rock a bye baby, on the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all. (giggle) I was just thinking of you falling to your death. (giggle) That’s funny!”

At $149.99 Swinging Sally is pretty expensive. She’s also considered an oversized item and will cost you an extra $20 to ship. Sally is only available at SpiritHalloween.com so you don’t have much choice in whether or not you have to pay for the extra shipping costs. Spirit Halloween often offers 20% discounts on their site so you’ll be able to get the prop for around $120 once you deduct the discount.

I am not a big fan of doll animated props so I will likely pass. I would like to see it up close but since it’s not offered in the store I may have to wait until next year to see if it gets discontinued and reduced drastically. Ultimately it’s your call. If you like the prop and think it will go good with your haunt and theme you have in mind, by all means pick her up and make your friends scream on Halloween when she comes to life.