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New For 2018: Michael Myers Animatronic From Party City

With Halloween coming back to the box office this fall its really no surprise to see Spirit Halloween bring back their animated Michael Myers to stores this year. What surprised me was to see that Party City was also rolling a Michael Myers isn’t as well. Yesterday Party City introduced a new Michael…

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Michael Myers Animatronic is back at Spirit Halloween for 2018!

It had been rumored that Spirit Halloween was going to bring back their Michael Myers animatronic for 2018. With the new Michael Myers film in theaters this fall it made a lot of sense. Well, today Spirit Halloween made it official and announced that the prop will indeed be available this year. Here’s…

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Making a Bad Halloween Prop Scary: Home Depot Butler

Last year I was walking through my local Home Depot on the day after Halloween checking out all the discounted merchandise when I stumbled across a 6′ Animated Standing Butler Holding a Candy Tray. The manager had marked him down to $20 to get rid of the prop to make room for some…

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