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Spirit Halloween Announces Hugz The Clown Will Return for 2019

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Halloween creeping up on you! For the second time this week Spirit Halloween announced that another prop will be returning from last year. Earlier this week they announcedMan’s Possessed Friend would return for Halloween 2019. This morning they made a lot of people happy by…

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Hugz the Clown Review

I finally got a look at Hugz The Clown at a local Spirit Halloween. I’ve been enamored with him ever since I first saw him a few weeks ago in a Youtube video Spirit Halloween put out to hype the release of the clown. Here is Hugz in all his creepy glory. 6…

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New For 2018: Hugz The Clown From Spirit Halloween

We’ve got a secret and it hasn’t been announced yet. Spirit Halloween has an awesome new animatronic clown prop coming out this fall. His name is Hugz and as you can see from the video below, he’s happy to see you and wants to give you a hug. Get Free Shipping on Orders…

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