I stopped into my local Halloween Express the other day to see what was new for 2017. I had seen a lot of new props online in pictures and videos but some things don’t translate well and don’t come across like they do in person. One of the props that caught my eyes was the Animated Towering Wailing Soul. I had seen it online but it didn’t really stand out to me and seemed to be lost in the shuffle behind other top notch props like the 7′ Evil Clown and the Forest Demon. I’m glad I got to see the Towering Wailing Soul up close because it is a pretty nice animatronic that pleasantly surprised me. It really reminded me of a banshee more than anything else.

Here’s the Towering Wailing Soul in action.

As you can see the prop doesn’t really talk. He does moan and/or screams. The prop makes some noise but he’s not one of those animatronics that has a bunch of lines that he repeats over and over again. The Towering Wailing Soul’s job is stand there and look menacing. And it does get the job done.

The Towering Wailing Soul is a pretty big prop. It stands 6’4 feet tall and is pretty impressive. His face lights up as his arms go up and down and he shifts from side to side. It’s almost as if his face is reflecting lightning and it’s a pretty creepy affect. The prop is triggered by a motion sensor that can be triggered up to 6 feet away. He also can be operated by a Step Pad that is standard in the industry.

The downside to the prop is that he sells for $224.95 at HalloweenExpress.com. Right now they offering 28% off for Labor Day so you could get him for around $175 plus shipping. When you pay to have him shipped to your house the prop goes back up to $200 or so. The Halloween Express big box store I was in had the Towering Wailing Soul for sale at $199.99. It could go down some leading up to Halloween.

The Towering Wailing Soul is a pretty cool prop and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to spend $200 on him or cross our fingers and hope he goes down in price in a month or two.