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Looks like Spirit Halloween is taking no days off this week as they unveiled their third straight prop for the 2019 lineup in three days. This time it’s Double Trouble. Double Trouble made their debut last year and I’ve been kicking myself for the past nine months because I waited too late before I decided I wanted to add them to my collection. But I have another chance! If you don’t remember Double Trouble here is a video that will get you caught up.

4.5 Ft Double Trouble Animatronics – Decor…

Experience twice the fright on Halloween night with these terrifying twins. Believe it … [More]

Price: $189.99
Sale: $189.99

Like I said earlier, Double Trouble was my favorite prop last year but I shot my wad and bought a bunch of other props thinking I would be able to add the creepy twins to my collection in mid-October. Nope. Double Trouble was sold by the second week of October last year and my local Spirit Halloween had also sold out. I could’ve paid $300 on eBay but I chose to cross my fingers and hope they brought them back for 2019.

When activated Double Trouble begins to talk in unison and says the following phrases.

“Daddy said we have to play outside. He doesn’t want any more blood on the floor. (Giggles)”

“Summer is hot. Winter is cold. But we don’t feel a thing! And we’ll never get old! (Giggles)”

“People think we want to be like them, but pretty soon, they’ll all be like us. (Giggles)”

“We seem to have misplaced our mother’s head. Can you help us find it? (Giggles)”

Double Trouble costs $189 and is considered an oversized prop. You will have to pay a little extra for shipping but a prop like this is worth it. You can typically find a 20% off coupon that will bring them down to around $150.

Don’t be like me. If you want Double Trouble pull the trigger now. The coolest props always sell out quick.

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