Last year Spirit Halloween rolled out the Electrified Corpse for the 2016 Collection. This morning on their website, Spirit announced they were bringing it back for 2017. The prop will retail for $139, the same as last year.

According to Spirit,

Shock all of your guests with this Electrified Corpse! This animatronic features LED lights and horrifying electrocution sounds that will make any haunted house all the more haunting. For an even more terrifying effect, add a high voltage box (sold separately) and make the occasion absolutely electrifying!

The prop is pretty cool and features a guy tangled up in some wires that is being electrocuted. You have to hang the prop up because he isn’t free-standing. His eyes light up when he’s triggered and he shakes as if he’s feeling 10,000 volts run through whats left of his body. The prop makes moaning sounds and you can also hear buzzing and snapping sounds from the electricity that’s running through the poor guy.

The Electrified Corpse can be plugged in or run on two AA batteries which are not included.

I’m not sure if I want to add this prop to my collection. I’ll probably need to see it close up before making my final decision. There are so many great animatronics out there that I don’t know if he is worth the $139 price point. I’m sure he will pop up on eBay later this fall when people are trying to unload their stuff from last year and I may be able to find the prop a little cheaper if I decide to pull the trigger on him.