Elite Creature Collectibles set the bar for 1:1 busts of horror icons. Their versions of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from Friday the 13th are legendary to collectors and are difficult to find. ECC only does one run and they sell out fast. This weekend at Monsterpalooza ECC unveiled their Pennywise bust, needless to say it’s spot on and looks just like Bill Skargard’s version of “The Dancing Clown” from It.

Check out the picture from ECC’s Facebook page.

I’m blown away by the Pennywise bust. From the hair to the teeth it looks just like Pennywise. ECC puts a lot of time into their pieces and it definitely shows.

The cost of the Pennywise piece is not yet known. However, if you look at the other busts ECC produced most are in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Their busts have to be pre-ordered and after they sell through the pieces tend to go up in price on the secondary market due to the limited number made. It’s supply and demand, if there are more collectors than pieces the price goes up.

The bust is still pending licensor approval, which means Warner Brothers will have to sign off on the product before it’s available to sell. This can be a tricky situation and sometimes the pieces don’t make it into the market. Last year we saw a fantastic Arkham Asylum Joker lifesize prop that didn’t make it to production due to a problem with the licensor.

For more info keep checking back with ECC’s Facebook page. They do not sell direct to the consumer so you will have to check out their authorized retailers section of their website. If you really want to own the Pennywise bust keep checking back with them. When they go up for pre-order you will have to get your name in the hat before they shut the pre-orders off.