Ever since The Conjuring came out a few years ago everyone has been terrified of Valak, the scary nun in the film. I’m surprised that no one jumped on that sooner and made a nun prop last year. We’re in luck this year because Halloween is all over it and has one that will be out in time for Halloween 2018. Check out the video below.

The Animatronic Nun stands five feet tall. When activated the prop shrieks and begins to move back and forth as her blue eyes light up.

The Nun, a spin-off to The Conjuring films featuring the origin story to Valak will be out in September so this could be a sleeper hit for Party City this year.

I like the fact that someone finally made a nun prop. However, I think it’s pretty basic and I wish Spirit Halloween or another company would’ve got to it first because the idea is spot on but the execution is so-so. I’ve never been a fan of props with lights in the eyes and feel that effect makes the props look a little cheesy. Those lights can be turned off with a little snip from some wire cutters though. It would’ve been nice if they could’ve made the nun’s arms move up and down or back and forth but that likely would’ve raised the price point and made it more expensive. Party City typically deals in quantity, not quality and wants to sell a lot of props at a low price, as compared to Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express who sell a lot of different props in less quantities for a little more money.

I do think the prop will work nicely in a dark room with little light. Aside from my complaints the nun has potential if you know how to position her and keep the lights down low.

At $159.99 the Animated Nun is reasonably priced. It doesn’t do much but if done right most Halloween props don’t really need to. The nun will be available for purchase online in August and in stores in September.