When you go to an event like Transworld you see lots of really great Halloween masks. There are a lot of highly skilled artists and production people that come up with some really amazing things that blow you away. For all the great new stuff I saw there was one mask that left me dumbfounded by the amazing innovation. Introducing the Diesel mask from Shattered FX. It has to be seen to be believed.

The “Diesel” mask was originally released with Shattered FX’s new “Road Warriors” set of 3 premium silicone masks! Each is compatible with the Pocket Fogger which safely allows their masks to give off smoke or fog, as Shattered FX calls it. The system is also available on, but not limited to, other new release for 2018 like “Big Hoss”, “Jack the Pumpkin” and “Road Runner”. Shattered FX’s Pocket Fogger system can be paired with any silicone mask they carry!

Here is the “Big Hoss” mask.

“Road Runner” is pretty impressive too.

The Pocket Fogger will be officially released and available for shipment on May 4, 2018. The device is roughly 3×6. and small enough to fit in your pocket, It comes with a clip to attach it to your belt as well. The Pocket Fogger includes 5 ft of tubing to run through your costume to get the smoke effect where you want it. There is a hand trigger to activate the device that can be run inside you clothes, up your arm to your hand. Other triggers are being developed so you will have to check back with Shattered FX for more details.

Using the Pocket Fogger is very easy. You press the button for up to 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off to allow the heating element to cool down in between fog bursts. The battery is rechargeable and can be swapped out with an extra battery for constant use while charging the other battery. Depending on use, the battery can last weeks in stand by and 1-3 hours of continued use. They have both disposable fog tanks and refillable.

The disposable tanks are very easy to use and “plug and play” The glass refillable tanks are filled with our specially designed fog juice made exclusively for our device. Pricing on the tanks will be roughly $30 for a 6 pack of disposable tanks, and $25 for a refillable tank. Pricing for the fog juice is coming soon. The disposable tanks last around 200-350 “bursts” while the refillable tank lasts about 150-250 “bursts”. The pocket fogger itself is $250, price subject to change. Each fogger comes will also come with a 30 day warranty!

ShatteredFX masks are made with a high quality medical grade silicone. That’s how they move with your face and seem like a second skin. Their masks aren’t produced on an assembly line and each one is meticulously painted and hand made by professional artists. Shattered FX is so confident in their work they offer a free lifetime warranty on their products. That’s unheard of in the Halloween industry.

For more info on the “Diesel” mask or Pocket Fogger check out ShatteredFX.com. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow ShatteredFX on Instagram to see what other creepy creations they come up with.