Just when you thought Spirit Halloween had released all their 2018 Halloween props they just keep them coming. Today Spirit Halloween unveiled their latest creation, the Ghostly Tricycle.

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the Ghostly Tricycle I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t impressed. Then I took a few seconds to watch the video and I changed my mind. It’s not the best prop Spirit Halloween has done for 2018 but it is pretty darn creative. What’s creepier than an old rusty tricycle that moves on it’s own. I can’t think of much.

The prop runs off of four AA batteries and is activated by sound or motion. When activated you hear a bell ringing and a child laughing. The kid laughing is a nice touch I think. The Ghostly Tricycle weighs four pounds and is made from plastic and metal.

According to Spirit Halloween the Ghostly Tricycle is recommended for use in covered areas. I know they want you to use the prop indoors but the Ghostly Tricycle deserves to be outside in the driveway when all of your friends come over for your Halloween party.

I think you could really up the creepy factor on this prop by attaching a Raggedy Ann doll with a zip tie. As if a possessed tricycle isn’t scary enough how about a possessed tricycle carrying a stuffed animal!

At $89.99 the Ghostly Tricycle is reasonably priced but it is classified as an oversized item which will set you back an additional $20 in addition to normal shipping and handling costs you normally pay.

Surely Spirit Halloween won’t release anymore Halloween props this year? I’m not sure. I have heard of one other big one that hasn’t shown up on their website. Keep checking back.