Another day, another brand new Halloween prop from Spirit Halloween. Today they dropped their new zombie prop, Blood Brothers. As you can see it is a zombie with two heads. Check out the video and see the new animatronic for yourself.

6 Ft Blood Brothers Animatronic – Decorati…

These twins were always different than the rest, so one day scientists decided to run s… [More]

Price: $229.99
Sale: $229.99

I’m not sure what to think about Blood Brothers. Full disclosure, I’m not a zombie prop fan. I have a few of them but I’ve never been a guy who incorporated zombies into his home haunt.

I do like the fact that both heads move and it looks different than most props you see from Spirit Halloween. I also really like the fact that both of the zombie’s mouth move at different times. This really gives the prop a realistic touch that a lot of props don’t have. I always hate it when props talk or make a noise but their mouth doesn’t move.

At $229.99 Blood Brothers are pretty pricey. But then again, there are not many zombie props this year so if you really want a new zombie this year you will be glad to pay it. Also, if you use our promo code 19SPIRITA7 you can take 20% off and bring the cost down to around $190.

I want to see this prop up close before I make a decision. I think the prop is very well done but I want to get a closer look before pulling the trigger.

Spirit Halloween has been on a roll right now introducing new props every few days. Be sure to check out our Animatronic Halloween Store to see what’s new for 2019!

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