And the award for first new animatronic for Halloween 2019 goes to…. (drumroll sound effect)… Distortions Unlimited!

Distortions Unlimited quietly began rolling out some of their new Halloween props on their Youtube page earlier this week. I imagine they will be officially introducing their new lineup for 2019 at HauntCon in New Orleans in a few weeks. There are several new props to choose from but the one that really jumped out to me was the Crazy Clown

I can’t really tell if Crazy Clown is a pneumatic prop or not. From the description it appears he isn’t but then again we will likely find out more information in a few weeks when we get a closer look at things at HauntCon in a few weeks.

The Crazy Clown retails for $465 on the Distortions Unlimited website. That might seem a little higher than your ordinary Halloween prop. However, you have to keep in mind that Distortions Unlimited makes high quality Halloween props that you see in haunted houses all over the country. This isn’t the kind of prop you will see at Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express for $200 bucks or so.

I hope this gets you excited for Halloween. I hear that lots of cool things are coming down the line at HauntCon. Keep checking back as we get closer to the big event in late January!