If you were looking for a new witch prop, you are in luck. This year Home Depot is bringing in a new witch for their Halloween 2019 lineup. The new prop consists of a witch and a raven that banter back and forth when activated. Check out the video below.

When the prop is activated the witch and her pet raven begin to have a conversation.

“It’s going to be a scary night. Are you ready? What if I said No! Then I’ll have your wings clipped! Not so much. Stop your flapping and get ready to fly! It’s going to be dark outside.

Standing at 6′ tall the Home Accents Witch is fairly tall for a Halloween prop. I like the addition of a raven because it adds a little something. There are tons of witch props were the lady in the pointy hat says something menacing but comes off a little silly. At least with the raven who talks back to her the prop comes off a a little lighter than other props and makes her more kid-friendly. I love realistic Halloween props but sometimes they can be a little too realistic and the kids in the neighborhood want no part of them, and that spoils the fun.

At $129 the Home Accents Witch is reasonably priced. Like most Home Depot props you can expect the price to start dropping in October and if you play your cards right you might be able to get her for around $20 to $40 if the store manager is in a hurry to get his Christmas stuff on the sales floor early.

I give the Home Accents Witch a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s not the best prop I’ve seen this year but for the price point it’s about right. And if you can get it for under $50, it’s a steal.

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