Spring is upon us and fall is still several months away. How do you keep the Halloween spirit alive in March and April? You watch scary movies and read books about real life ghosts, of course! If you like reading about haunted places you can visit we highly recommend checking out Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History. The south has a lot of history and not all of it is very good. For only $2.99 in Kindle this book is a steal.

Here’s a preview.

Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History is available at SouthernGhostStories.com as well as Amazon.com. The book is only $2.99 in Kindle and is available in paperback for only $8.95.

This book contains eight stories from different locations all over the southeastern United States. Did you know that there is a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia where pirates used to kidnap drunk people? In Bardstown, Kentucky there is a bed and breakfast that serves meals in a courtyard just steps away where numerous people were hanged. The world famous Ryman Auditorium is one of the most haunted buildings in Nashville, Tennessee. It is also linked to some notable legends in country music that have supposedly been cursed over the years. If the ghosts of the Ryman dont creep you out just wait until you hear about the Cragfont mansion about forty miles to the north in Castilian Springs, Tennessee.

In Southern Ghost Stories: Haunted History you will learn about the following places.

The Brown Hotel Louisville, Kentucky
The Jailers Inn Bardstown, Kentucky
Cragfont Castilian Springs, Tennessee
The Ryman Auditorium Nashville, Tennessee
The Lotz House Franklin, Tennessee
The Pirates’ House Savannah, Georgia
The Sorrel-Weed House Savannah, Georgia
Le Pavillon New Orleans, Louisiana

Halloween is still a few months down the road. Pick up a copy of the book to hold you over in the meantime.