When it comes to Halloween props sometimes bigger isn’t better. I saw several really cool large Halloween props that stood seven to ten feet tall. But one I saw really jumped out at me and it was one of the smallest I saw all day at HauntCon 2020.

Everybody loves monkeys, right. That is until it goes nuts and starts chirping at you. Well, Morris Costumes captured that with their newest animated monkey prop. If you haven’t seen him yet please check out the video below.

Isn’t he creepy? When he goes off the sound he makes makes you extremely uncomfortable. I bet he would really freak some kids out on Halloween when they try to grab candy from his tray!

One good thing about the monkey prop is how affordable it is. Compared to the Pale Rider the monkey is a steal. Though it is not known exactly what price a retailer will put on him, he will considerably less that the other large props. If I had to make an educated guess I would say he will be under $100. When you factor in shipping charges it might be a little more but it all depends on where you get him.

Keep checking back, we still have a lot more cool stuff to share with you from the big convention in New Orleans.