Just when I think I’ve seen every possible animatronic I seem to always find something new at HauntCon in New Orleans. This year one thing that jumped out at me was the Animated Winged Vampiress from Morbid Enterprises. I’ve seen plenty of vampire animatronics over the years but now we have a female vampire with wings! I guess she is almost finished transforming from a bat to vampire and we get the best of both worlds.

In case you didn’t notice the Vampiress has blood all over her mouth. I guess you won’t have to worry about feeding her for a while. I’m just surprised that with all the blood around her mouth none has dripped down onto her exposed chest. Sex sells, even with animated female vampires!

When activated by either a sensor or step pad the Winged Vampiress rise up an additional twelve inches. Her eyes being to light up and her wings flap as she starts to speak.

The Animated Winged Vampiress with likely retail from $199 to $249. However, that is not set in stone and the price will vary from retailer to retailer. You might find the prop for $189 online somewhere but you will have to $20 to $30 in shipping and handling fees. The Vampiress will likely be available in big box Halloween chains owned by franchisees like Halloween City. I seriously doubt you will find her in Spirit Halloween stores this fall. They typically don’t carry products made by Morbid Enterprises.

I already have a prop similar to the Vampiress so I doubt I will be adding her to my collection. I got the animated Black Widow prop from Lowes a few years ago and they are very similar. However, if I can find her and the price is right you might just see her in my backyard the weekend before Halloween. Just saying…

Please keep checking back. We still have a lot more cool new items to show you. And there will be even more in the coming months!