You know Halloween is getting close when Spirit Halloween starts announcing which products will be returning. This year they are actually a week ahead of last year’s announcements. Now we can expect a slow drip of info about returning and new products from now until late July.

First up for Halloween 2019 is Man’s Possessed Friend, a pretty cool animatronic dog that just happens to be possessed. If you aren’t familiar with him please check out the video below.

2.8 Ft Man’s Possessed Friend Animatroni…

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Price: $159.99
Sale: $159.99

Spirit Halloween actually sold out of Man’s Possessed Friend last year and he was one of the props that surprised me. I was thinking about picking him up after Halloween if I could get him a little cheaper but since they sold out I got left out in the cold. So the lesson here is, don’t hesitate if you really want to get the prop. I always hate wishing I had bought a prop in November when I could’ve got it during the summer when it was introduced.

If you really like the animatronic dog make sure get him sooner, rather than later. Halloween may seem like a long ways away but once we start getting into August and September the most popular props will sell out quickly. Also, if you do pull the trigger and buy the prop he won’t ship until mid-July. That’s still plenty of time before Halloween but some people get frustrated when they buy something and don’t get it within a few days.

Keep checking back. More props will be announced in the coming weeks and you won’t want to miss what is coming out! Halloween will be here before you know it and it’s never too early to start planning out what you are going to do to scare your friends and family.