Spirit Halloween has been on a roll this week. After introducing the Hi-Voltage Zombie earlier in the week they have rolled out another exciting new prop for 2017, the Fogging Basement Doors. What’s creepier than going down into a dark, dank basement? Seeing the doors bang back and forth while hands keep trying to close it after it opens.

The prop doesn’t come with a fog machine but it looks like you really need one to make the prop look realistic.

Unlike most props you find at Spirit or other Halloween stores it’s simple and not over the top. Some animatronic props end up looking cheesy in an effort to be scary and over the top. The Fogging Basement Doors doesn’t do much, but it doesn’t really need to to be effective.

The Fogging Basement Doors cost $179.99 but won’t until August. It’s that time of year when most props haven’t been shipped to Spirit from the wholesaler so we have to wait a few weeks before the stores are finally back in stock with all their props for 2017.

Like most Halloween props it can be triggered by a step pad (sold separately) but it also has a built in sensor to frighten the guests at your Halloween party this year. The prop weighs just over 11 pounds and comes with a 6′ cord used to power the Basement Doors.

I like this prop a lot but like most props I want to check this one out at my local Spirit store before pulling the trigger. I’d like to get a close look at it before I drop nearly $200 on it. If I don’t get it before Halloween this is one prop I will definitely be on the lookout for on Nov. 1st when the Halloween stores like Spirit and Halloween Express are desperate to move inventory and reduce by 50% to 70% off.