I love unique Halloween props and the Animated Swamp Hag prop is pretty darn unique. She’s not quite a witch and it’s hard to tell what she’s all about when she starts talking and she sounds more cajun than creepy. I picked the Swamp Hag up three years ago and she’s one of my favorite props. She’s creepy enough to be featured at my Halloween party but she’s also kid-friendly and I put her out when the trick or treaters come by on Halloween night. It’s always funny watching the kids react to her as she rises up to greet them when they walk up to her.

Here’s a video of the Swamp Hag in action.

The Swamp Hag has three sayings she will say when her sensor is triggered.

Who d’at gone’n disturbing my slumber?…Ohh weh-heh-hell now it aint no thang…t’aint no thang a’tall. I’m veeerry happy you come.”

“You see these slimy toads and slitherin’ snakes gatherin’ roun’ yo feet? They’s the fools b’fore ye that wannered in my lair, and I done put them under my spell.

“Now look inna mah milky white eyes and tell m’when YOU feela croak comin’ on! Ehh heh heh heh hehh!”

For as much as I love the Swamp Hag she has driven me crazy over the years. As soon as I got her and put her together the motor inside blew up and I didn’t even get to use her for Halloween. I went to Halloween Express to try to exchange her but since they were about to close they wouldn’t allow me to exchange the prop or get my money back. I did contact Morris Costumes and they sent me out a new motor within a week.

Another problem I had the next year was the Swamp Hag’s head kept falling off. She’s very cheaply made and it shows as it hasn’t held up over the years. I’ve tried to reattach the U-shaped piece that attaches her head to the frame but it always breaks. I did finally get it to attach by using some zip ties I ran up through the frame to keep the Swamp Hag’s head from falling off. It’s not the best option but so far it’s held. At this point I just want it to hold up for Halloween 2017. I’ve spent over $50 just trying to keep her together the past two years. Hopefully she makes it one more Halloween for me.

The Swamp Hag stands at 40 inches tall until she is activated and rises up to 60 inches. She’s not that difficult to put together but I can’t promise you she won’t break and start falling apart after a year or two. I still recommend buying the Swamp Hag due to it’s kid-friendly nature and not being so scary. It’s definitely PG-13 but I’d let smaller children come around it as long they had a parent with them.

You can find the prop selling for anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on where you look. I think if you can get her for under $125 she is definitely worth it.