Clowns are going to be very popular this Halloween. With the sequel to “It” coming out in September I imagine there will be a run on clowns just like there was in 2017 when Halloween stores ran out of the large clown animatronics two months before Halloween. One of the best clowns I’ve seen this year is Cagey the Clown. If you aren’t familiar with him please check out the video below.

When activated the little girl in the cage begins to rock back and forth as Cagey begins to turn from side to side and says one of six different sayings.

“Are you still awake? (Scream) Ok, good. I prefer it when they scream. (Scream) Ha ha ha!”

(Scream) Look at what I caught. (Scream) I got another pet to play with.They’re really fun when I poke them with a stick. (Scream)

(Scream) Ha ha ha. (Scream) Ha ha ha. (Scream) Ha ha ha.

(Scream) Yep. Caught me another one. These things are hard to catch but I don’t worry though. (Scream) Every town has a lot to choose from. Ha ha ha (Scream).

(Scream) Stop you’re fighting. You’re making it hard to carry you. (Scream) You’re so energetic. I’ll have to dig a hole extra deep. We don’t you want you escaping now do we. Ha ha ha.

(Scream) Don’t let the hollering fool you. I’m taking this one to a better place. Ha ha ha. (Scream).

Standing at seven feet tall Cagey is quite imposing. When you add in the little girl who screams every time he talks he can be downright terrifying, especially if you are a child. I can imagine kids in my neighborhood won’t come near my house this year if I had him on the front porch.

Cagey retails for $299.99 at That is considerably cheaper than Halloween Express’ price.

I like Cagey and definitely think he would make a great addition to my collection. I have to warn you. Like I mentioned above. If you want Cagey the Clown, get him now. Clown props will be extremely popular this year and if the past two years are any indication, Halloween stores will be out of stock by early October.

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